Nickelus F returns with his album titled Stuck produced by himself and mastered by Michael Millions. STUCK is 39 minutes long with 14 tracks. After several listens STUCK sounds like a man rising from his deathbed.

Last time I heard from Nickleus F, musically was on Triflin’. Now we have a new chapter with STUCK which sounds different than its predecessors. STUCK is much more personal with coded pain within the lyrics.

“Sleazie Wonder” follows “PSA” which leaves Nickelus F in a thug raspy voice. Nickelus F vocals sound like he is up to no good and walks with a bop. “Sleazie Wonder” is like a movie introduction to catch you up to this moment in life, before going into the next track which is “Trill Burr”.

The album’s story or progression starts on “Yea Aight”. Nickelus F, who also goes by Sweet Petey, starts to take a look at issues that are external and the relentless demons that attack his thoughts. A smooth transition goes into “Thats Facts” about drug dealing and the lifestyle.

“On Our Own” expands Nickelus F voice in a lone wolf howling at the moon. On first listen, you become captured by it. The fact that Nickelus is correct in his path to success his story is still painful and relatable.

“I Ain’t Cried Yet” gives you every reason why you could or should cry, but Nick Fury stays resilient in going forward. “I Ain’t Cried Yet” is the midpoint of the album and services as an eye of the storm on STUCK, one of the better songs on this album. The song can be related to bitter wine, smooth because of the beat but a harsh taste because of the topic.

Jumping to “Horace Hardbody the Statue” Nickelus F unleashes bar after aggression after bar. A few of Nickleus F creative words hit at different paces for example, “I aint got to be the best man talking I just want to be right as the left-hand washes”, another is “Trying to find something real amongst a mirage”. He delivers his creativity offbeat and almost out of breath. In his efforts, you feel this whole verse like he intended.

Honestly, this album can be talked about forever. With every listen, there are new gems. Stuck comes at an interesting time in life where we have many new artists some good, some not so much. But the art itself is what it is and with art comes setbacks. In those setback you maybe come STUCK.

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