Once a week my aim is to listen to Apple Music personalized “New Music For Me” playlist. Sometimes hits a hit, other times its a dud. I did find an artist that I like his name is Ethan Avenue. The first song I heard from him was “Red Wine Nauseous” and I enjoyed the vibe I got from it. I reached out to him to do an interview about this single and other music he has done.

Interview questions for Ethan Avenue

State your name and where your from.

What’s up bro my name is Ethan Avenue, I’m from South Carolina, probably the worst place i could have came from because everyone here’s the complete opposite which makes it harder to find connections.

What is the story behind your name, Ethan avenue?

I was originally just Ethan but in all caps haha, but the name Avenue actually was inspired by this game i used to play as a kid called Wizard 101, I used to always hang by Triton Avenue, which was also a song I removed from the internet a while ago

If you had to put yourself in a “genre” what would it be or if you could combine genres to define yourself what would you pick?

I’m not sure what I’d categorize myself as, alternative? maybe? Not sure, I make all types of music for all types of people, yanno? Those are my intentions, I’m just chilling, haha.

I heard of you through Apple Music and I was introduced to Red Wine Nauseous, how did that song come to be?

That’s actually crazy, Red Wine Nauseous was made around 3am and I finished around 5, it was like a spark in my heart, I heard the beat and I just got to work.

What is your process when making music?

It’s kinda difficult to say, I mean I have a lot of ways I make my music, but it’s usually just always going with the flow, sometimes i spend weeks on a song, sometimes I spend an hour, it all depends on the sounds.

What are some of your inspirations?

I’ve lost a lot of my inspirations, i think at a certain point we just need stop looking up to others and realize who we are, but I listen to a lot of Lucki, Earl Sweatshirt, rejjie snow, and etc.

What was the message you were aiming to convey on Jungle Boy?

I honestly wasn’t trying to push a message, I was just tryna tell my story you know? My side of everything, but there were definitely subliminal messages I put throughout the album that have to do with my up coming projects

What is the difference between Jungle Boy and your other projects.

The difference is DRASTIC, not only production wise but just everything, I recently finally just got my own equipment, I recorded Jungle Boy on a school tablet using some online software by the name of Soundtrap, i honestly encourage everyone who doesn’t know what to do, or is just starting to use it because i was in the same position. the only thing i could say about my new project is the sounds are just completely different but it still has the same energy- slow, dreamy/druggy. Those are my sounds. I’m just headed deeper on this next one.

In case you didn’t notice the name of Ethan Avenue’s album is “Jungle Boy” you can listen to snippets of the album below.

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