Jay Taj, an artist that was on my discover weekly from spotify, released a mixtape titled TenFour and it is worth a listen.

TenFour has different meanings in the world. First meaning that comes to mind is Acknowledgment. Cops or people that speak over radio transmission usually use that lingo. But for Jay Taj it is October fourth.

Of the ten track project it was honestly hard to pick stand outs. Jay Taj has freestyle poetic flow with a stern voice that lets the listener know he is coming from a sincere honest place. My favorite songs are “The Other Side”, “Never Die”, “Devil’s Home”
“BanANAZ” honestly this whole tape is pretty lit.

“The Other Side” is a poem which feels like is dedicated to his mother or another woman of importance. He speaks openly and honestly on this track. Letting everything out in the open and it is beautifully, well done.

“Never Die” beat is dope and the flow and creativity is on par. Jay Taj speaks on living forever through your obstacles and hardship. This may be my favorite song. And be careful of those people that swear they always knew you were going to be who you were.

TenFour is a good mixtape, enjoyable. Every song has quality and the overall project has a theme and is a strong introduction into who Jay Taj is. I give this short album a 4 out of 5 TAU symbols. I can see this man getting far in this game even if it is in an underground realm. Be sure to check out this mixtape on Soundcloud and spotify.

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