Mac Miller follows up his GO:OD AM with this love filled album titled, The Divine Feminine. After listening to the album, The Divine Feminine is on the same lines of The Love Below by Andre 3000, in a sense of direction, topic and vibes.

Stand out songs are “Dang!” featuring Anderson. Paak, “Planet God Damn” featuring Njomza, “We” featuring CeeLo Green and God is Fair, Sexy Nasty featuring Kendrick Lamar. “Dang!” being one of Mac Miller’s singles for The Divine Feminine it has a jazzy sound and automatically makes you move whether you would like to or not. Njomza, who is signed to Mac Miller’s label, sweetly sings the chorus as Mac Miller reflects on love in history on the track “Planet God Damn”, where love seemed so pure and real. “God is Fair, Sexy Nasty” features Kendrick Lamar but he tears into this one with a chorus not with a verse. Mac and Kendrick use heavy metaphors for sex and love all through out the song. Kendrick uses a line of Sexy Nasty Have No Guidelines which could relate to a hold nothing back within the bedroom mentality.

Overall the album is an artful piece. Album gets 4 TAU symbols out of 5. Mac Miller’s albums are always different than what you normally hear on the radio. This album is 10 tracks that all center on love but doesn’t become repetitive. The production of this album is great. Only name that really stood out was Pomo whom does house music and Mac Miller did a song on this album as well. Enjoy the album, The Divine Feminine and enjoy “Dang!” below.

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