Still drinking water on y’all niggas, Mick Jenkins brings to you THC, The Healing Component.

Mick Jenkins has been very loud in his underground state. Jenkins is from Chicago but uses his platform to promote love over everything. With The Healing Component Mick Jenkins uses Love as an X-factor and reaches his pinnacle with this album.

Stand out songs from The Healing Component are the single, “Drowning”, “1000 Xans” “Love, Robert Horry”, “Fucked Up Outro”, and “Spread Love”

“Drowning” being Mick Jenkins single is really good and goes well with the video. “Drowning” connects on many different levels, Past, Present and Future. The current situation in America where African-Americans or Blacks feel like they are being harassed and assaulted unjustly. The past and the backbone of America, slavery, where Black men and woman were not seen or treat as what were and where we are going. At the end of the video Mick Jenkins forgives the ones that have done him wrong and decides to let the pain go. Song and Video are amazing and well done.

“Love, Robert Horry”, Jenkins uses everyones favorite winner as part of a beginning metaphor from the starting point he carries on his flow with amazing lyricism. “Spread Love” is appropriate for a second song. Mick Jenkins tells a story of what he sees in life and preaching his forever message “Drink water”.

Overall this project get a 3.5 out of 5 TAU symbols. Production is great message is great as well. Kaytranada does some work on The Healing Component as well as other mentionable producers like BADBADNOTGOOD. Good Listen to this album and tell me what you think. Below is the Video for “Drowning”.

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