Who remembers when drake dropped his first single. Some of you may think his first single was a song on “So Far Gone” or “Thank Me Later” when in actually it was neither. His very first single debut on BET and quickly raised to number 1 within months. Mind you this was in 2007, Best I ever Had came out in 2009. The song was Replacement Girl, which featured Trey Songz whom was also on the rise at the time. The point of bringing this up is that when he first came out this was his imagine that labels try to push him as. An rap that only should talk about girls and fly shit. But he was or is much more than that. he touched on this on the song “say whats real” on the So Far Gone album/mixtape. Drake then took about 2 years off and went back into the lab. While gaining this breathe of fresh air he reestablished his personal image to himself and didnt shake from it. So when time passed and it was time for So Far Gone to release he knew what he wanted and how to deliver himself, as a human being that is multifaceted. Without this personal transformation Drake could of been something else but instead he take a break and bloomed into the rapper we see, admire, and enjoy expressing himself today. Enjoy the track below.

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