Drake has been in the music game for over 10 years including mixtape career. Drake’s persona in the music industry is straight forward, open and personal. Drake makes music for everyone but stays true to his roots and more importantly himself.

Song that connect to me the most are the ones where soul is on display and demands to be listened to. “Dreams Money Can Buy” debuted during his Take Care saga.
“Dreams Money Can Buy” starts off with an ambitious and certain look into the future. After this strong statement he jumps into his flaws. There flaws even though his aim is to brag about himself. The idea behind this song is having enough money to buy the items you dreamed about, the car, the house, the woman all of it. Just enough money to keep you alive cause too much can kill you.

“Days In The East” paints a picture of a conversation between him an a woman of interest. Drake’s complexities with woman are deep and carry a sense of yearning for love. (could be just me). Desiring attention from a woman and at the same time having them as just a fling is a tough situation. The wrap-up at the end with Erykah Badu is a perfect ending because of sets an idea that he needed someone to talk to get his mind back together.

To bring the story to a current timeline we will talk about his latest album Views.

Drake goes straight to the point with the song “Hype”. Is Drake’s success just hype? Has he not worked hard for where he is at current in life? He addresses the points that are important to him while also taking time to send a shout out to some girls that needed addressing.

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