Russ, the emerging known unknown rapper, released an album titled There’s Really A Wolf. Let’s see what this Wolf has in store.

Most people don’t know who Russ but he has created a good buzz off the strength of hard work and good skill, even Gary Vee showed him love at times. There’s Really A Wolf is 20 tracks with “Cherry Hill” as the single.

Stand Out songs are “Cherry Hill”, “MVP”, “I’m Here”, “What They Want”, and “Emergency”.

“Cherry Hill” is low key a rock and it is pretty good. Catchy ad-lib on the hook and mellow music production makes for a great single. I am honestly impressed with this song and found it replaying in my head.

Closing to There’s Really A Wolf is “MVP”, with him patting himself on the back and telling everyone why he is next up to be the next big artist.

Produced, written, engineered, mixed and mastered, “I’m Here” is Russ’s intro in the album. I’m Here is a good song if you haven’t heard of Russ. He does like to brag about himself but at this point, all of his hard work and struggling has paid off so he can have it.

Russ has a good blend of rapping with his mind and soul and singing to convey a better emotion. I give this album a 4 out of 5 Tau symbols. Russ has many songs in his catalog and with this being his first official he has done a good job looking forward to more from Russ.

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