Many don’t know who LaSaye Hommes is but he keeps putting out music. Below LaSaye Hommes released two new songs “Bruce Wang” and “Timeless”

If you haven’t heard of LaSaye Hommes then you haven’t been paying attention to this blog like you should have been. Yesterday LaSaye Hommes dropped two songs “Bruce Wang” and “Timeless”.

“Timeless” is LaSaye Hommes focused on nothing but the work with his damsel desiring time from him. LaSaye Hommes finds his own way to ride the beat at the same time lets The Music’s beat breathe.

“Bruce Wang” also produced by The Music, has LaSaye Hommes bragging about his morals and staying tight with his crew, his day ones. Of these two songs, I enjoy “Bruce Wang” more. Lively beat something you can play in the car deep with your friends.

Leave a comment below of what you think of these songs so far.

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