Itialian brand, Var/city has been on my radar and want to showcase what they have.

Var/city is a Italian based brand that makes clothes and also pushes forward fashion culture. Var/city started in November 2012 and is ran by Marta Bonometti. Var/City designs and style is very unique. Var/City has a blend of street fashion with high-end fashion designs.

Since Var/City has been around for more than two years the brand has been worn around. Kid Ink and many DJ’s have worn this brand and I will share with you some of their stand out designs. Here are some of their pieces that caught my attention.

Simple shirt with Var/city logo in bold.

Peculiar design but eye catching.

Same as above with colors reversed.

Another with a logo but on the back.

These two with “Fly” on the chest within a square is simple and gets its point across.

Var/city seems to be know on a local level which is always good because that is where we always start.

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