On April 29th Drake released his long awaited album, Views. On the release of his album, as the world sat and listened, there are many mixed responses for different reasons. Views has 19 tracks with a bonus “Hotline Bling” to make a total of 20 weather inspired tracks from Drake. Of his previous albums they reach close to 20 so the amount feels normal, now lets see the content of the album.

Views starts off with a ballad “Keep the Family Close”, which reflects on a weakened bond he has with a woman. The bond bothered him so much he now sees why you should rely on family more than outside sources.

“9” is Drakes’ creative way of saying that he turned Toronto on its head with the wave he created. Family and Friends seems to be the theme in Drake’s life. Helping people out to the point he has to cut them off.

“U With Me?” comes with a interesting DMX sample, and provided hook. The second half of the song switches to a beat that we have heard in the past due to Vine. The lyrics fit the harmony of the beat but I am curious of how the first version went.

“Faithful” is one of my favorite tracks that I will be visiting often. Like many people have asked, how he get Pimp C on the track? This song is also a good intro into dvsn. If you haven’t heard of them or their music, they are the newest members to sign to OVO sound. For people hating on the fact that, Pimp C is on a track, shouldn’t you be happy to hear him spit again and also put the young kids on to an OG?

“Summers Over Interlude” has my favorite RnB duo Majid Jordan doing what they does best. Singing with that ear catching voice and dope beats. I like how Drake has a song with an random artist taking over. On Take Care we had Kendrick, don’t think we had one on NWTS, on IFYTITL we had PND and now we have Majid Jordan. Great song, short and simple, this song adds to the mental aspect of this project. Once the summer is over, things start to go cold and the feelings are not the same.

Overall I give Views a 4.5 out of 5 TAU symbols. I don’t think this is a classic yet but this is a solid album, beginning to end. At first listen I was confused on how I should feel about this rap album. But then I realized that it is Drake I am listening to and restarted the album. Drake is known for singing and rapping. Drake built his career around the subject matter he been talking about since day one. This album doesn’t surprise me in a sense of we didn’t get enough bars. Come on now, this is Drake, and this is Drake’s album. Not the mixtape like before and not the X-men vs street fighter tag team project he did with Future. This album may have not reached many fans expectations but this album is still dope.

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