The latest album from the newest OVO member, Roy Woods, is titled Waking At Dawn which is completely different then his previous mixtape Exis.

Roy Woods gets the name of his album, Waking At Dawn from working in the late hours of the night. Waking At Dawn has a different feel than Exis. With the song “Gwan Big Up Urself” and “How I Feel”, the album has moments of a tropical, caribbean feel. The album is put together well. Waking At Dawn feels like a sophomore album from someone that knows what he wants to deliver.

Stand out songs are “Sonic Boom”, the single “Gwan Big Up Urself”, “Why”, “Menace”, and “How I Feel”. These are highlight songs that will get you into this album, at least give it a try.

Overall this 10 track album gets a 3.5/5. Not comparing Waking At Dawn to Exis but the two vibes are different but it is still felt that he is still staying true to himself. This album is worth a listen and may encourage you to try Exis if you haven’t already. Roy Woods if you are reading this, great job and I am looking forward to more of your work.

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