We miss Kanye. The old Kanye, the new Kanye, the underground Kanye and the face in every media outlet Kanye. As of November 21, 2016, Kanye West was rushed to the hospital for health and mental reasons. In this moment, we think of Kanye and wish him the best recovery. In thinking of him we also remember him for what he has done and accomplished. Some may say he is a dick, which might be true, but he is a lot more than that in a nutshell. Lets briefly touch on some of things Kanye West has done for our culture.

2004, The College Dropout is released and we have been introduced to Kanye West. Kanye West brought in fashion into Hip-Hop on a different level. Hip-Hop and Rap have always been synonymous and Kanye West is a product of that. Kanye West takes all that he has learned in life and fashion and brings it to the community. He even took the idea of sampling to another level. Kanye’s fashion has influenced many of us into being proud of wearing Polo shirts and fitted clothes. Especially for African-American he has helped and shaped in cleaning up our image.


Jumping to 808s and Heartbreak, 2008 was the year of remorse and pain for Mr. West. 808s and Heartbreak made every artist pay attention to him. Every rapper and other genre of artist had a rendition of “Say You Will”. “Say You Will” is an emotional open song that can be taken in several different directions. His fashion at that point was reaching a pinnacle if he even has one. For his photoshoot for the album he wore Commes Des Garcons clothing and articles inspired from it.


Current Kanye, has released two albums in three years and contributed to the success of Adidas after him and Nike went their separate ways. Yeezus has received major attention and The Life of Pablo tour has been high on people’s must see list.


Kanye West, name will go down in history for many different reasons. You can say many negative things about Kanye but remember what he did for the culture and notice that some of the things stated her are not even 1/4 of what he has done. Mr. West I hope the best for you and your recovery. From here on out please take notice of your health. (should take my own advice)

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