Meek Mill has over came his personal ups and downs to make the album, Wins and Losses.

Wins and Losses is Meek Mill’s third album and released on July 21, 2017. Lot of people had different types of expectations for this album. A few people thought the wins and losses Meek Mill was going to be talking about was in reference to Drake and Nicki Minaj. Meek Mill decided to go deeper than that because its deeper than rapper.

Stand Out songs are “1942 Flows”, “Heavy Heart”, “Wins & Losses”, “Issues” and “We Ball”.

“Wins & Losses” is the intro track and is perfect for playing a sport or getting yourself motivated to conquer a challenge. “Wins & Losses” is an example of what Meek Mill is known for, back against the wall I’m going to hustle my way out this situation. “Wins & Losses” sets a strong pace and a high energy level of what is to come.

One of Meek Mill’s first singles, “Issues” takes a look inward and outwardly speaks on his pain. Meek’s pain consists of women and the love ones that he lost.

Young Thug has a feature on “We Ball” and it is pretty good. Mind you I’m not a real fan of Young Thug, but I really like his verse on “We Ball”. Young Thug takes the idea of wins of losses and puts it into one verse.

When they killed my nigga, I seen the footage on the tape
Man I must’ve threw up everything I ever ate
Man I know he got some dice at the Heaven gates
Kicking shit with all these bitches like he’s Kevin Gates

Meek Mill’s verse is good as well. He takes the balling point of view on “We Ball”. Meek’s verse is important because of the face that pain pays off when you’re working towards something. But it feels terrible when you lose people along the way.

Wins and Losses is best played in the car or in a playlist when you’re about to play a sport. I was engaged with the album until after “These Scars”, not sure why. Meek Mill is a great rapper that is evident but I’m not sure what is missing, for me at least, to really enjoy this album. Wins and Losses gets a 3.5 out of 5 TAU symbols. I am still playing this album in hopes that I can connect to the second half of the album. Give the album a listen and let me know what you think.

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