I feel like I fell asleep on this but thank God I have alarm clocks for moments like these. I was hearing a buzz about Anderson .Paak working with Knxwledge on a project called Yes Lawd! but it went under my radar. Good thing I stay looking for new music.

Yes Lawd! is a 19 track project with attitude, classic vibes and good music. The way this relationship works is Knxwledge does the beats and Anderson .Paak does the vocals, similar to Gnarls Barkley. Just so you know this album is dope.

Stand out songs are “Khadijah”, “Get Bigger/Do U Luv”, “Link Up”, “H.A.N” and “What More Can I Say”. “Khadijah” is filled with cool vibes. Definitely is chill with a spacey flow. “Get Bigger/Do U Luv”, is Anderson .Paak in thought about his growth, from a young age to the future. “H.A.N” is an acronym for “Hoe Ass Niggas”, simple creativity but the song is funny and honest.

Yes Lawd! is such a chill album. Anderson .Paak is the truth all through out this album and now I see why Earl Sweatshirt worked with Knxwledge. Production on “Yes Lawd!” goes in and out of different influences. One minute it is old 80s black power music then it goes in a different direction. Giving this project 3.5 TAU symbols out of 5. Go get Yes Lawd! and looking forward to more work from Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge.

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