With so many albums that released over the weekend, I decided to cover the one that may have been overlooked XXXtentacion’s album “17”. XXXtentacion said that this album is made for those that deal with depression or just need help getting through a rough time in their life. Let’s see what he carried this out.

Stand Out songs are “Jocelyn Flores”, “F**k Love”, “Revenge”, and “Everybody Dies In Their Nightmare”.

Even though I didn’t put it as a Stand Out song “The Explanation” is just that XXXtentacion explaining his feels for making this album and being a bit more detailed about as well. Servers as a good intro to the album.

Dedicated to someone XXXtentacion was beginning to know, “Jocelyn Flores” is the song that kicks off the album. X speaks and confronts his ideas on suicide. The beat is pretty good and includes a sample from Shiloh Dynasty.

Dealing with a breakup, “F**K Love”, which features Triple Redd, has XXXtentacion dealing with love lost. Ending a relationship can put a person into depression because a heart doesn’t break even. “F**K Love” is put together very well. Triple Redd’s vocals does a good job of showing pain and leaving him exposed.

The single for 17 was “Revenge” and has been displayed all over his twitter.

When this song released it serviced as notice of his change of direction of music. “Revenge” is an acknowledgment of sorts of his wrong doing. Cutting through the lyrics hard to get it a full grasp but it seems like an apology or more of sorrow.

17, the debut album from XXXtentacion is actually pretty good, short but good. The album is 22 minutes in total and is worth a listen. Didn’t expect to like and understand a XXXtentacion this much. I did expect a lot from this album but it exceeded my expectations.

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