I was right.

Jay: Z takes Hip-Hop and takes it upon his shoulders with 4:44. 4:44 is the most personal album we have from Jay-Z, which I called it. Not trying to brag but I’m feeling myself so yeah. Many are saying that 4:44 is a response to Beyonce’s Lemonade, which is possible, but my feelings are this album goes much higher than that.

Stand out songs are…I honestly can’t pick one. 10 tracks total album length is 38 minutes, come on fam. I am only going to touch on three songs to expand on.

“Kill Jay-Z” is full and I mean FULL of lines and bars. He takes shots at Kanye West, references Future, and more subliminals. “Kill Jay-Z” is Jay: Z destroying himself, breaking down his ego and the mask that was once him. Changing to become a better man. The album is captivating. Catches your ear and does not let go. Great way to start an album and letting the listener know the direction he is going.

“The Story of O.J.” is Jay: Z in teacher mode. Many gems in this song from credit advice to real estate guidance. One of the best lines is in the first verse.

O.J. like, “I’m not black, I’m O.J.” …okay

Jay: Z’s main point, which he touches on in the hook is that no matter what type of nigga you are, rich, poor, light, dark, house or field, your still a nigga.

Title track “4:44” is said to address Beyonce’s Lemonade album as far as “Becky with the Good Hair” character. Jay: Z used the word apologize seven times on “4:44”. Jay: Z talks about when he first started dating Beyonce and developing strong feelings for her. Jay: Z reaches out and touches on insecurities that led to him cheating on his wife. Lyrically and honestly this is one of the best songs on the album.

Every song on 4:44 deserves a breakdown or to be touched upon. 4:44 is a very open album from Jay: Z and we still haven’t heard Adnis or MaNyfaCedGod yet. The physical album should be out soon as well as on Apple Music. If you haven’t heard this album yet you are missing out because my words or anyone’s for that matter, do not do it justice at all.

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