Joyner Lucas, the artist who made a big breakthrough with his music video, Ross Capicchioni, released his first album/mixtape on June 16, 2017. Highly desired by his fans lets see the results of his labor.

Stand out songs are “Keep It 100”, “Just Because”, “Lullaby”, “Way To Go”, “I Need More”, “Forever” and more.

First, let’s get this straight, this is not an album, according to Joyner Lucas.

Now that I addressed that, (508)507-2209 is a standout project for Joyner Lucas, for those that don’t know about him and for those that follow him. Not many projects can be found on Joyner Lucas and his popular music is usually found on Youtube, even with that (508)507-2209 is a great project so let us break it down.

“Keep It 100” has a visual that goes hand in hand with the song. If you haven’t seen it, it is a must.

“Keep It 100” thoroughly tells the story of a $100 bill. The bill starts in the ATM, becomes part of a drug deal and the story unfolds from there. Once you get to the end of the story you will be speechless, all while keeping it 100.

Being an honest father Joyner Lucas takes the song “Forever” to show the side a man not wanting a child at a young age. “Forever” is such an honest song that some may take it the wrong way. Joyner Lucas talks about not wanting to have a child because he feels ill prepared. Hoping for a miscarriage or an abortion, anything that can prevent his offspring from being born.

I believe that many of us as humans are lost and searching for a path for ourselves, in “Lullaby” he speaks of pain from his own personal perspective and others. “Lullaby” is three different people searching for help or ways to cope with pain. One verse is a woman dealing with an abusive lover, another verse is a kid losing their mother and another tragic story was from the loveless drug abuser. All the verses were good and overall touching.

(508)507-2209 is a great album/project, it really went above and beyond what many may have expected. Note that Joyner can be repetitive in many songs but is very much unique and has strong rap skills. Joyner Lucas brings new material to the table because not only does he rap, but also directs and writes his music video. I would not be surprised if he wrote videos for the whole project, (508)507-2209. For (508)507-2209, I will give this project 4 out of 5 TAU symbols.

Leave a comment below of what you thought about (508)507-2209. Did you like it? Hate it? Still listening? Let me know.

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