I recently read an article on fader.com that touched on homosexuality in the Black community. The amount of detail that was conveyed in this essay we beautiful, you could tell it came from the heart. After I read it, I have to say that I have a difference in opinion from his. In the article, Killian Wright-Jackson wrote about how in the community we see femininity in our people and are not accepting of it. Men should be free to express themselves however they feel comfortable. Men are allowed to free comfortable in their skin but what happen to Men?

I feel being a Man or what is defined as being a Man is being lost in history in history. So lost that our standards of what a man should be is loss as well, touch on that later. Their is nothing wrong with a man having female tendencies. For some men they can’t control it because of their household. Some men, when they were boys, only had women around them and no male figures. So their mannerism they learned from the women they were surrounded by. Nothing wrong with that you are your environment but how does a boy like that learn how to be a Man and fix those characteristics? He can’t and that is ok. He is still a Man.

The touchy thing about this, in my point of view, men are forgetting how to be men. Not just men that show blatant feminine tendencies but all black men. Us black men have forgotten what it means to be men in full context. Protect our family and kids, whether we are physically with them or not. Teaching our family what a man is and does. Spending time with sons and showing them things. I know it is hard to be a man in this current era of life for many reasons that are to long to list but we have to do it.

So my problem is not with being gay or a man being feminine. My problem is men not being MEN.

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