One time Oddfuture member has released his solo project, Fireplace:TheNotTheOtherSide and it is personal and spiritual at the same time. Hodgy’s album, Fireplace:TheNotTheOtherSide, was dropped under the radar in 2016 and has a lot of qualty material from an artist that no one has heard from for awhile.

Stand out songs are “Barbell”, “Dreaminofthinkin”, “Tape Beat”, “Reduction”, and “They Want”.

“Barbell” is the single that Hodgy provided for the masses. Very good song, bars on bars and meaningful. All of Hodgy songs on Fireplace:TheNotTheOtherSide are personal, you can hear it through the music.

“Tape Beat” has a feature feature from Lil Wanye, I’m not really too fond of him right now, but his contribution to the song is nice. Lil Wanye took it back to his mixtape days. Hodgy hops on the BADBADNOTGOOD beat with direction and honesty. I personally don’t feel like Hodgy was over shadowed by Lil Wanye.

“They Want” is a DJ khaled relevant THEY when Hodgy spits on this song. In Hodgy’s second verse he is trying to uplift the listener and possibly a certain person that he had in mind. Hodgy comes off strong as a person who has self-confidence and awareness in who he is as a person.

Fireplace:TheNotTheOtherSide was a sleeper for 2016. Hodgy didn’t promote this project a lot but his try fans are sure to cop it. In the physical and online booklet Hodgy has lyrics and book material to go along with his album. Hodgy has been going in a different direction with his music and that direction is personal to the point he is sharing his soul others. I give this album a 4 TAU symbols out of 5. This album deserves a listen, if you don’t give this a try you are cheating yourself.

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