Finally Mister White Iverson dropped his long awaited album, Stoney. Post Malone got a huge buzz with the song White Iverson and has continued his wave with the mixtape August 26th. Now we have Stoney, lets dig into it.

Stand out songs are (besides his known singles), “Congratulations”, “Patient”, “Big Lie”, and “Up There”.

My favorite song on this album is “Too Young”. Passionate song about rising and letting death be a motivation to get you to the next level. I am honestly surprised that “Too Young” and “White Iverson” made it on this album since they are over a year old.

“Up There” caught my attention in the first five second because it sounds like Pharrell produced it. After further research come to find out Pharrell did have his hands in this song. “Up There” is a smooth riding song. Post Malone gets past his problems by getting high and looking past his adversities. At the end of the day those problems are small and don’t matter.

I have been waiting on Stoney for awhile. I was ok with August 26th but wasn’t too happy with it. Stoney for me gets a good 3.5 out of 5 TAU symbols. Eighteen tracks with a few features. There are many different influences on Stoney. In the first song, “Big Whisey Glass”, you can hear the country as the Eagle flies past into the sunset. Album is worth the listen and vibes on this is just chill. Did you listen to this album yet? Have you enjoyed it? Comment below let me know what you think.

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