Indie artist Goldlink released an album in November of last year and it is an album worth listening to. Album titled And After That, We Didn’t Talk touches on personal life beyond most relationships. The project has eleven tracks with different styles and only three features. The highlight songs are After You Left, See I Miss, New Black, and Spectrum. Album is pretty deep. Takes place after he reached his level of fame off the first album, The God Complex. Album is creatively put together. Through research, the album is dedicated to his ex nicknamed porah and their time together. Goldlink summarized his album as

The And After That, We Didn’t Talk project is like getting really drunk one night and thinking a lot. You start saying shit that you wouldn’t say if you weren’t drunk. It was coming from a drunk standpoint, as far as the content and how true it is.

via genius

Overall, I feel the album is a four out of five tau symbols. Album deserves a listen.

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