Detroit in the building. Danny Brown, the 30 year old, released his album title Atrocity Exhibition and it sounds like he never took a day off.

Atrocity Exhibition comes a few years after OLD. Atrocity Exhibition will sound different than what your used to. Some of the beats for example, “Ain’t It Funny” and “Golddust” would leave most rappers stuck but Danny Brown jumps on the rhythm that he finds with ease. Atrocity Exhibition has moments of Danny Brown feeling that he has not made it in the rap game with “Hell For It” and “Downward Spiral”.

Favorite songs from Atrocity Exhibition are “Hell For It” Downward Spiral, Tell Me What I Don’t Know, Really Doe, and “Ain’t It Funny”

“Ain’t It Funny” sounds like traffic on a busy Friday right after work. Leave it to Danny Brown to tear it up though. On this track he speaks on the irony of life, ain’t it funny how some shit just plays out.

Hell For It feels like an angry track. Not on the same lines as “30” from XXX but angry none the less. He vents about his past and how desperate he was but that desperation turned into hunger which turned into bars. His second verse speaks on current rap culture and where he fits in. He knows he is one of the illest alive but the fact that some people would put Iggy in the same realm as him is disappointing a questionable. Rap is not all about radio play. Rap is centered around if what you are talking about is what you lived and the many creative ways you can express your passion over a progressive beat.

Overall, Atrocity Exhibition receives 3.5 TAU symbols out of 5. Atrocity Exhibition is a dope album worth a listen first and foremost. Danny Brown is an underrated artist that gets overshadow for reason unknown to me. I enjoyed this album and honestly have nothing bad to say about it.

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