Frank Ocean finally dropped that album and it is amazing. Frank Ocean released his highly anticipated Blond album on August 22. So far the album has been received with open arms and already being hailed a classic.

Highlight songs are Nights, the single Nikes, Seigfried and the surprise Andre 3000 feature Solo (Reprise).

Nights is easily the best song on the album on first listen. The song breaks into three parts with the last part giving a late night drive feel. Nights covers Frank Ocean’s vision with interacting with his current interest. The soothing part of Nights is Frank reminiscing in a memory of his youth, going as far back as to the time when his parents had the Acura Legend in 1998.

Seigfried breaks down into two phrases one pure vocals and the other a poem close to a rap. Seigfried is a stand alone outlook at oneself, refection and critiquing. Note that the title of the song is the name of one of the characters from Soul Caliber, which is one of Frank Oceans’ favorite games.

Overall the album is a classic sitting at 5/5. Production is balanced with Frank Ocean’s songwriting and vocals. His powerful lines are not straight-forward and leaves the listener yearning for more understanding. This long awaited album was worth the wait and Frank Ocean delivered.

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