The obscure video for Kill Jay-Z has been the topic of talk for Hip Hop heads. Not getting the message fully and wondering how this came to be, did some research and ran across an article from Newsweek.

If you haven’t seen the video for Kill Jay-Z, it is directed in many different ways and leaves the viewer with questions. Newsweek got in touch with Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz who was in charge of directing “Kill Jay-Z”. From reading the article it seems like Jay-Z gave the directors creative freedom. Not limiting artist in what they can and can’t do is important because it gives a new angle on how to interpret the subject.

In the article from Newsweek, Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz talk about the “Stay Black” shirt that appeared in the later part of the video. No matter what level of fame a black person achieves or what he can do he is still a nigga at the end of the day, especially if you fail or fall on hard times.

This article gives a great backstory to the Kill Jay-Z. Read the interview it gives a strong back backstory to where Jay-Z was mentally when making the song.

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