Left or Right

Currently stuck and juggling a handful of things. Currently out of a job and looking for another one, trying to maintain a blog and spreading the word about it, and not knowing what the next step is. Wasn’t going to post this but Fuck it.

500 Horses

Cousin Stizz took his time to release the video for “500 Horses”. Video is shot like a cinmatic movie. Every shot has an errie feel, as if madness mayhem can happen at any point in time. Dope video, if you like this song give his album, Monda a try.


Important note: Kanye West used to work at Gap. An important American denim brand is GAP. Gap has been around since 1969 and still contributes to fashion. Gap has over 1,000 stores that reach all the way to China and other countries. Gap was started by Doris and Don Fisher Read more…