Genesis, the band that influenced many of groups. From rising artist like Amir Obe to Bone Thugs and Harmony. Genesis gave the world classic songs and classic albums, today we dive into Abacab.

Abacab is Genesis’s 11th studio album which was released in 1981. Abacab has popular and deep songs, for example, “No Reply At All”, “Man On The Corner” and “Keep It Dark”. Abacab is eight tracks heavy and got the name because the album was written in sections and they named them A, B and C, in the construction of the tracklist they mixed it up to be Abacab.

“No Reply At All” is my favorite song on Abacab. “No Reply At All” talks about a relationship that is toxic and neither person is listening to one another. Almost a painful but interesting song to listen to.

Genesis has not been a stranger to making songs about the homeless, like “Man On The Corner”. The build-up of the song is filled with Keyboard and synths. Phil’s words elude to a possibly of many different things, a homeless man, a drug addict or a drug dealer. Dissecting Genesis lyrics is a task (at least for me) because of the time the songs were made and the nondirect topics.

Genesis’s Abacab is an amazing and is a great listen. Abacab is not one of their popular albums but it is a must for a Genesis fan or someone looking for new music. If you enjoy this and enjoy Classic Albums stay on this site.

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