On Feburary 17 1985, a group named Tears for Fears released an album called Songs From the Big Chair. The album roughly received 4 stars across popular magazines, I just want to touch on how amazing this album is still to this day. I first heard of Tears For Fears though a Kanye West sample mash-up.

Ever since I heard that song and sample I couldn’t get enough of them. At the time I didn’t know where I could get more until one day I went to my dads house and he had one of their albums, Songs From The Big Chair. With an open mind to the group I popped it right into the hard drive and listen to all ten songs.

From beginning to end this album is right. Smooth transitions, great pace, production skill are seamless in how it touches you and fits with Roland Orzabal, lead sing, voice. Shout, Everybody Wants to Rule The World and Head over Heels were the singles for the project and beyond that everything else comes together. Working Hour shows just how far the lead singers voice can project. Mothers Talk references to mother nature and how we are treating it. I Believe is laid back and throws in some saxophone play along with keyboards. When I Believe ends it takes off into Broken which starts off as an instrumental then adds vocals to set up for Head over Heels. Listen is my least favorite track but I still play it cause it is on a great album. Overall I would give this album 5 CDs out of 5. Creative, inspirational, and full of things to take from it are all encompassed in this piece of a persons life.

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