After a week or more, I received my samples for my winter collection. I only ordered five designs, Heartbreak, Dying For Summer, Women’s tri-color design, 40 and the TAU symbol in white on black shirt. If I would of ordered more it would of been extra which I can’t really afford right now. When I received my samples I opened them up and looked at them. I lost it. I was beyond disappointed. I was unhappy with myself and the designs I came with. They looked good on the computer. They were put together nicely on photoshop. But when I saw them on the cotton I was utterly disenchanted. I sulked for the whole night really. The reason why I turned in to that monster toward myself was because I am my own worst critic. I will pick apart anything and everything I do. For my artistic side, if we can call it that, it is almost always fighting this persona. Now, after a few days I am somewhat pleased with how it turned out. Trust it took some time and staring and talking to myself to accept what I have made and that they are not bad.

Going to touch on a few designs real quick. Heartbreak came from personal life and a few outside influences. The outside influence consist of Commes des Garcon, Kanye West album cover, 808’s and heartbreak and to not to have this list to long Heartbreak Drake. Personal life to sum it all up, we all go through heartbreak at some point in our life. Either we break the heart or our heart is the one that is broken. Off that now. Next one is, the 40 design. One of my favorite producers is Noah “40” Shebib. I consider him to be Drake’s personal producer. Without 40, Drake’s growth would have been hindered and might not be able to get to the point he is at today. The 40 shirt is dedicated to Noah, Dualistique and the friends that support TAU. Like really support. The last one is Women’s tri-color design. It is hard for me to design for woman because I want women to look beautiful in what they wear. Especially, if it is design or drawn up by me. I don’t want the men and women designs to be the same. I don’t think that is cute, at all. This was my attempt at making something beautiful to make woman more beautiful.

Ok, so these confessions post will be a sort of a one on one with me. It will let you the customer, viewer, fan, friend, tauologist inside my world. I will try to explain things as best as possible. I find that I am pretty decent with words and I like to share only to those that care though. Until next time Moondoggie.

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