Confessions of TAU starts again. This is where I generally speak on some of my designs and what inspired me.

Floral Print – I have a high love for floral print anything. I didn’t have money for the floral prints I always wanted so I wanted to make one of my own. I honestly love how it turned out. The TAU symbol looks great and the cherry blossoms stand out. Shirt comes in Men and Women.

Beauty has No Frame – I made this shirt with women in mind. I think women and men of all sizes are beautiful. Beauty doesn’t have to fit a certain image or style. I purposefully made the design ironic by adding a frame on the shirt. I wanted a feeling of a painter or an artistic person created it. Artist can find beauty in any and everything. Women sizes only.

Alluring – The first time I heard the word “alluring” or “allure” was from Jay-Z, The Black Album. It is a word that has stayed with me from that point forward. Allure means by definition something that can grab your attention, captivating in a way. Of course, woman are the embodiment of that. Women sizes only.

Make sure to head to the shop to see the designs and get ready for the pre-order.

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