I need to start uploading and editing my videos because it is honestly long overdue. I just wanted to say that first. Needed to get that off my chest. I hope I can say it enough times that I actually get confronted by someone about it or I just do it like Shia LaBeouf.

I have been recluse as of lately. I personally desired this for along time. I have some inner demons that I struggle with due to the consequences of my selfish decisions. (drake moment) With that I have become closed. This is a good thing though, with me being closed to the outside world, I talk internally more. I open up to myself before I utter a word to another ear. Artistically, it is freeing. I don’t judge myself, I ask myself questions that I should know the answers to and if I don’t I am free to figure it out. I have moments where people have asked and told me I have changed. I might have honestly. The core of me is still me though. I have always desired to be artistic and have a passion about something. Seems like fashion is that for me. In order for me to be that fully, at least right now, I have to be reclusive.

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