Tame Impala released their most recent album on July 17, 2015 titled Currents. The album is 13 songs deep and 51 minutes long, with detailed song concepts about love and fail relationships. Stand out songs are Let it Happen, The Moment, Gossip, The Less I know The Better, Past Life, Disciples, Love/Paranoia and New Person, Same old Mistakes. So basically the whole album minus five songs. And even those five songs are pretty good still.

The first song on the album, which might by my favorite song, is Let it Happen. The song generally talks about listening to your inner voice and letting things happen because no matter how much we fight we don’t have control over things.

The Moment, has an up beat tempo. The Moment recalls a time when the artist had to make a choice about dealing with a situation or time in his life. Upon that moment passing he has wonders if it was good or not.

Gossip is an instrumental that is only 55 seconds long. You could call it an intermission or an interlude.

The Less I Know The Better is a song touching on dealing with a breakup and still dealing with that person. It touches on knowing less about an ex can be better for you mentally. Which is true by the way.

Love/Paranoid starts off airy and transitions to the paranoid segment of the song. In the song he expresses a story of how he is curious if his lover is cheating on him. He wants to see what she has in her phone but she resists. When he drops the topic he goes through her phone when she leaves it unattended, only to find she had nothing to hide.

New Person,Same Old Mistakes is a reflection of himself with a laid back beat and nice lyrics.

Overall the album is great. I give it a 8/10. I played the album more then ten times. The artist dope a good job of understanding himself and his emotions. Going through relationship, the ups and downs can be stressful. He talked about the subject matter with out sounding corny or whiny. I enjoyed this album, not sure if I would say if it was better than their previous work or not but it is still a good listen. Give it a try either on Apple Music or Spotify.

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