The Internet’s album, Ego Death, is a blue flame hot but cool. I first was referred to this group through twitter, I want to say it was Tyler, the creator. The album is twelve songs deep and all of them are smooth listens. Ego Death is a type of album that changes the way you view the world outside of your car. I can’t find or explain a stand out song on this album. The album itself is an stand-out. The intro song, Get Away, services as an overview of the whole album. The album touches on past and current lovers, pulling girls on first sight, the level of fame obtained and one night stands.

Overall on first listen I give this album a 8/10. Real smooth from beginning to end, only comparison I can give is imagine Sade Adu with a heavy rap flow. Syk the Kid, the lead singer of the group has a nice voice and can flow when she decides to speak over a beat. The production of the album is very nice. The theme and aura of the album stays on point. Never gets to hype and does not get to a point where it is depressing. I enjoy the listen from beginning to end, the experience was joy able. You should give it a shot through spotify or Apple Music or whatever stream you have.

Credit for picture goes to @olimation from twitter, even though I couldn’t find him.

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