Kap-G released a Gangsta Grill mixtape titled “El Southside”. High expectations are already high for Gangsta Grill mixtapes, Kap-G doesn’t disappoint with his addiction to the collection. Kap-G is a from College Park, Georgia and has a few mixtapes under his belts, with El Southside being a Gangsta Grill it’s on another level. For features, we have total of four, which are Young Thug, YFN Lucci, Ca$h Out and Nechie.

Stand Out songs are, the future hit single “Girlfriend”, “Southside”, “Don’t Need Em”, and “Move On Up”. “Girlfriend” will definitely be heard out in the streets. Beat is crazy, hook is catchy and this song is perfect for a video. “Southside”, which is produced by Pharrell, is a great ending song to the tape. Definitely a street banger for Georgia. Young Thug being featured on “Don’t Need Em” is major because his presence is pretty solid on the song. Young Thug does the hook and Kap-G finishes the song off.

Overall this project gets a 3.5 out of 5. Kap-G puts his imprint on the game with this mixtape. Some of the songs are good and hold their own. Netflix and… could have been left off the tape for the fact that too many people have used the catchy line as a trend. His voice is nice enough that you would want to hear more from him, and his punchlines are low-key like a missile from a submarine. I will be sure to listen to the next project from him, for sure.

P.S. Shout Out to the Paisas and DJ Drama.

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