In 2016, Frank Ocean released two projects, Blond and Endless. Blond was received very well and was album of the year for some people. But, at the same time since Endless was an Apple Music Exclusive seems like not many paid attention to this visual.

Endless is a short film, if you want to call it that, basically about Frank Ocean making stairs. What keeps the viewer engaged is the audio. Endless is 46 minutes long and technically is 19 tracks deep. Powerful songs and production is amazing.

Stand out songs are “Wither”, “Comme Des Garcons”, “Alabama” and “Slide On Me”.

Frank Ocean sings in a smooth voice over a simplistic beat on “Wither”. Frank Ocean creatively plays with the word, Wither, and the actual content of the song. Mr. Ocean draws a scene of planting flowers and growing a garden while producing kids in the mix. The whole song is full of imagery and analogy that could mean different. It is also noted the use of Wither and With Her.

Comme Des Garcons translates to Like Boys, like the clothing brand. In this song, Frank Ocean talks about his male lover and where they stand. Frank Ocean uses vidid details about their sex life and makes a statements about making power moves.

All this drillin’ got the dick feelin’ like a power tool
Finna move a nigga out his momma house now
That’s a power move
That’s what I gotta do, for real

Frank Ocean’s art goes to another level on “Alabama”. When played espically in headphones you can hear Frank Ocean’s voice bounce from ear to ear. One moment a line will be in the left ear the next it will be in the right ear. He also sings this song in a way that it feels like he is recalling a memory. Frank Ocean is incompletely telling a story but with enough information to fill in the blank.

I’ve come to the revelation that Frank Ocean, overall, may be my favorite artist. I have honestly played Endless from the six minute mark to the end too many times to count this year. I give this album a 5 out of 5 TAU symbols.

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