Electronic artist, Lido released his album, Everything on October 7, 2016. Filled with energy and R&B influence, Everything has something worth talking about.

Stand Out songs are “Catharsis”, “So Cold”, “Falling Down”, “Only One” featuring Jaden Smith, and “You Lost Your Keys”.

Everything has energtic moments and relaxing ones, for example “Only One” is one for those relaxing ones. Jaden Smith shows his presence halfway through the song. When Jaden raps he raps like your reading a book that has two layers. In the beginning of his verse he comes off moody if you can say then towards the end he is delivering an attitude that makes you wonder where his emotional content is coming from.

Through an interview with Pigeons and Planes, I got an backstory about the song, “You Lost Your Keys”.

Fast Forward to 12:30

Lido locked himself in a room in order to perfectly get his feelings out. Figuring out keys, himself and the project he is working on. At times, some artist backstory are better or just as good as the album they are working on.

“Catharsis” by defintion is the purging of emotion through art, which goes exactly along the lines of the theme of this album. In this song you hear a females voice in conersation with Lido then the beat drops, middle of the beat the woman softly says, Everything.

Everything is artistic album that should not be overlooked but looked into and researched. Features are few and the music itself it enjoyable. Give this album a listen on Apple Music and let me know what you think about it.

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