As a kid I always liked getting dressed in a certain way. Nothing major really but I always wanted to have style. From that I have always studied clothing and as I grew into a man I noticed and explored clothing on a different level. This led me to the desire to design my own idea of clothing. And here I bring to you Tauology. The aim and mission behind Tauology is royalty and self-worth. Tau is a letter in the Greek alphabet. Tauology is the study of me. Not just me as in myself but also as in you. We are all searching and studying ourselves in someway or another.

Our starting collection will be of five or four shirts. Most of them will be staples while others will appear here and there depending on the amount sold and demand. Every piece has a meaning and theme behind it. I like to approach every design, shirt, collection as an art piece. Details are in the fabric so to speak. As Tauology grows our style will be defined more and more. This first batch may not come out how I would like them to be but when finances are up to par the finish design and templates will be much better. Please be on the look out for tauology and I am always open to how you feel about it and criticism.

P.S. be on the lookout, September 23.

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