6lack, new artist with the single “PRBLMS”, finally released his album Free 6lack.
Free 6lack is an introduction album to the artist who has a nice amount of hype behind his name. I heard or was referred to this artist from Nova who also worked on this album one way or another.

Stand out songs for Free 6lack are “Ex Calling”, “Alone/EA6”, “PRBMLS”, and “MTFU”.

“MTFU” or “More Than Fucked Up”, brilliantly tells a story of a mistake that 6lack committed. Having sex with his girlfriends best friend. The story is painted out with not so many words but straight to the point. You can hear the regret in his voice throughout the song.

“PRBMLS” the single for Free 6lack is one of the best songs on Free Black. “PRBMLS” is 6lack getting over the previous girl and moving on to the next. 6lack storytelling is showcased on this song.

“Ex Calling” is a remix of sorts of Future’s song “Perkys Calling” from the mixtape Purple Reign. 6lack ex-girlfriends are always calling. It can be annoying at time espically when you are in the studio putting in work.

6lack songs are true to his life and carry across his emotions to your ears. 6lack raps and sings, which seems to be the wave now a days, but doesn’t get annoying. Overall score for this album is 4 TAU symbols out of 5. This is a very good first album from this artist. Easily can be played when your in a moody state or if you just need something to listen in the background. Do remember their is great value in his words that should be written into memory.

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