Among 4:44 dropping last week Calvin Harris released his album Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 and it is a banger.

Calvin Harris is a DJ that finds a good blend of his music and combines other artists together. Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 is ten tracks full of dream team artist.

Stand Out Songs are “Slide”, “Cash Out”,

“Slide” was the first single for Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 which features Frank Ocean and Migos. “Slide” is a song that radiates summer fun. At one point the song got major attention because of Frank Ocean’s chorus which goes,

I might
Empty my bank account
And buy that boy with a pipe
Buy that boy with a pipe
I might, I might

The reason for this alarm was because as many know Frank Ocean is bisexual and many were not ready for such a strong opening gay line. Once music fanatics did they research and Frank Ocean came out and annotated his own lyrics, this line is a reference to a painting. Garçon A la Pipe is actually a painting by Pablo Picasso that cost an arm and a leg. Migos can not be forgotten on this song they also add great vibes to “Slide”.

Future and Khalid (not the DJ) are on “Rollin” and is a favorite track. Calvin Harris production and pianos are smooth and Future raps like he always does. Topics consist of fashion swag and rolling through the city or rolling on drugs. Still, a new artist Khalid sings the hook and adds vocals in the background which is siren like. YouGetWhatI’mSaying…

Pharrell on any song is amazing in itself but with Big Sean and Katy Perry, Feels, gets better. Feels starts off in an eerie realm then bursts out into a beach party. Pharrell serenades the listener on the first verse while Katy Perry seduces, similar to her album Teenage Dream. Big Sean jumps on the song and shares lessons in love and dropping all his exes for X’s and O’s

The whole album is full of summer vibes and fun. Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1 is an album you can’t miss and might be the album of the summer. Overall I give this album an Four our of Five TAU symbols. If you are avoiding this album please don’t any further.

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