Important note: Kanye West used to work at Gap.

An important American denim brand is GAP. Gap has been around since 1969 and still contributes to fashion. Gap has over 1,000 stores that reach all the way to China and other countries. Gap was started by Doris and Don Fisher in San Francisco, California and they have added so much to the culture of fashion.

Gap currently still adds alot to life. They have a few licenses with companies like Disney and produce unique designs. Gap also produces fashion clothing, different variations of denim, business clothing and vintage wash tees’ just to go over a few.

Gap is a good clothing line to wear when you are going out on a normal day. Nothing to flashy or stand out but what you can add to it with your style and make a big difference. Be sure to check out Gap as they currently have deals and also tauology’s store.

Note: be careful when buying clothes, always try them on because pants and jeans cuts are different depending on brand.

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