I recently watched, mostly listened, to Complex MVP for Hip hop. I liked where they were going and wanted to touch on it. The nominees the cast had were Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, YG, Killer Mike, Young Jeezy and Rick Ross. They were a few that I wanted to add that I felt like were left out. Childish Gambino, Big Krit, Travis Scott, Mac Miller and J. Cole with a late drop that came from the unknown.

In my opinion, the finalist are Kendrick and Drake. The host said something about Drake chasing history and Kendrick chasing Drake. From the “Control” verse he dropped with Big Sean, Kendrick is just doing his own thing and reaping the benefits. I think the MVP should be Kendrick. “>Granted he did just release his “untitled’ track on the Colbert Report. And yes, he went off in Kendrick fashion. 2015 seems amazing in foresight. Kendrick should drop his album, Drake should drop his album that has been in the works behind the scenes. And it is no telling who else will be making a run for supremacy in 2015.

Runner up for me would be the likes of Sir Michael Rocks, Jaden Smith, ILOVEMAKONEN, OG Maco and maybe Migos. Sidenote, Migos being a group is not fair for this but ok. The Runner up winner would be OG Maco. His popularity is growing because of Soundcloud and Vines.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. Look forward for more post soon.

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