An album by earl sweatshirt, I honestly feel like this album title is one of the best, straight-forward and honest. The album is 10 tracks long and adds up to half an hour long. Highlight songs are Mantra, Grief, which is the single of the album and DNA. Album overall is inspired by just his life, the loss of his Grandma and actual things that brought him to this point in life. I guess you can say the album is dark and gloomy. None of the subject matter is really hype or active. I feel as if he just wanted to touch on personal things that he had hidden on dope ass beats. But from beginning to end, it is smooth. Not often do I skip songs and there are very few features, four in total. Vince Staples tears the end song, Na’Kel, don’t know who he is but killed DNA before jumping to the lost part of his verse. After watching a interview on NPR, I gathered that faucet was his favorite song off this adventure. Faucet maybe one darkest songs on the album. With his statement “I don’t know what to call home lately” shows a state of lost and in search of something. I suggest many people dont sleep on this album especially if you are in search of your self.

Below is the single “Grief” Enjoy

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