I find myself lost, for lack of better words, when it comes to music currently. This isn’t an article about how terrible music is to date because I don’t believe that. I do feel as a listener that music is in a different place but overall rap music, in general, is amazing. But, personally, I have a disconnect at times.

I found myself listening to “Damn” by Kendrick Lamar when it first came out. I was all into it like everyone else. I remember it dropped a few hours early, either that or I stayed up crazy late for the release. After I listened to “Damn” several times over a span of 3 days I felt…lost. Not lost in the music, lost in the message. I didn’t connect to the album the way I expected to and it worried me. Kendrick is one of my favorite rappers, so me not relating to one of my favorite artist made me feel slow. I’m not going to talk about “To Pimp a Butterfly” and where I stand with that but at least I know these are amazing albums.

“More Life” is said to be a playlist or whatever, and it was rolled out as such but how many times did we play that album from beginning to end? Maybe it is just me. In the middle of everything, I had to think why do I have this unenthusiastic approach toward music. As of lately, my conclusion is that I am around too much music. So much music that I can not let myself get engulfed in a world that an artist is putting me in. Disappointing, now that I think about it.

An overload of music is not a bad thing. I’ve ran into many of artist because of this. One artist that I am wanting more music from is Helios Hussian.
I’ve been playing his album “Love Is Temporary” for close to a year now and it never gets old. Another artist I am sure everyone is happy for is Nipsey Hussle. Nipsey is one of the few artist that has started from the bottom, didn’t sign directly to a label and is well known in the hip hop community.

SO here is to me finding solid ground as far as music goes. Nothing last forever and having a disconnect with music isn’t a bad thing. I just have a reason to refresh an old voyage. Yes I know Nipsey ain’t new just bear with me on this journey.

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