I have an app called Kickster a few months ago. This app is where its at for sneaker and fashion. I decided to get in contact with the people behind Kickster and I ended up talking to Chris Hall. Read below to find out about Kickster and Chris.

State your name and where your from?

Christopher Hall, from New York City.

Bro it’s good to finally meet up fam, virtually at least.
Absolutely! You too brotha!

To yourself, who are you?
Entrepreneur in NYC trying to do the dopest stuff I can.

Your the owner and creator of Kickster correct?
I am one of the owners, along with the rest of the Kickster team. I am one of two co-founders, and we have two other guys working with us as well. My partner Mosayed is my co founder. He is CEO and I am President.

What is Kickster?

Kickster is the #1 Sneaker/Streetwear social app worldwide, and the #1 Hype Culture app in general. We have a social feed where you can post pictures of your outfits, pickups, rumors, and culture findings and share them with your friends and the rest of our community. We also have very good release dates for all sneaker brands and are soon coming out with a shop.

Before we jump into the chuck of this interview what did you do before this brainchild of yours? Or did you know you were going to do Kickster for a while?

I was a professional photographer and filmmaker, and marketing strategist previously. I am 23 now. My high school was a film school, I pursued photography on my own outside of school, and that led to me becoming private photographer to Carmelo Anthony (NBA All-Star for those who don’t know). After that I worked for a music non-profit where I ran nearly all of their photography/video production and ran social. I went to college, but dropped out after 4 weeks, twice. Once at 18, once at 20.

Do you enjoy those jobs? Lol
I did, but I enjoy Kickster the most because I work for myself and with people I really like, doing something really cool that affects a community that I care about. There is nothing like building a community people love and fostering it and watching it grow.

What led to Kickster?
Our company was originally working on a local buying and selling app, and we knew sneakers would be a great market to start in. My partner Mosayed took that fact and completely by himself built Kickster Version 1 as a test product. He noticed that there were many sneaker release dates apps that were very popular on the app store (Top 10 in Category) but very bad. He decided to build a good one, and we’ve been in the top 100 of every category we’ve been in ever since, without advertising.

How long has Kickster been working, let me rephrase, how long have you been running and working on Kickster?

Kickster launched in March 2015, and I was a part of it ever since Mosayed built and launched it. We launched the social features in October 2016, so technically the Kickster as people know it now is very young. Less than 6 months old. I run Global Operations and Marketing, so basically everything except product at the moment.

How is the Kickster community? Is it what you thought it was going to be?
I wake up every day for the Kickster community. I love it and it’s my main priority in life to foster it. I never knew we would be such a popular social media app – neither did anyone at Kickster, so we never had any expectations. We are very happy how it’s progressing and although there will always be minor problems like spam or trolls, it’s a natural progression of a social app and the same problems that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and every other platform went through. Every day we tackle new problems and figure out how to make the biggest impact with the best and quickest solution.

You have a good wave going right now. People are catching wind and paying attention to Kickster, what is your ultimate plan for Kickster, where do you see this next year or 5 years?

This year we are launching the Kickster shop, which is a major update obviously. Can’t wait for you guys to get to use that. Also, huge updates to the design and functionality of the app. We will also frequently check in with our users to see what they are liking, not liking, and adjust the product development based on their feedback. In 5 years, but likely less time, Kickster will be by far the biggest hype culture social network and community on earth. We will throw bigger and bigger events, likely full festival size by then, featuring the best of hype culture – music, fashion, sports and street culture. Also it will be a way for all of our users to meet each other in real life and enjoy the community in a completely unique and awesome way.

For a few quick personal questions what are your favorite shoes?
I’ve been wearing the Yeezy Season 3 Miltary Boots in Black/Brown for the past 4 months or so almost every day, so I’d have to say those are my favorite. But in terms of just shoes that look dope, I love the Ultra Boosts in Triple black, and Jordan 1s in Reverse Shattered Backboard (Orange/White)

When growing up what was an issue for you for getting kicks that you desired?
I never did and still don’t have the money to get the shoes that I want, haha. There are so many. I think the main struggle in Fashion in general but also the fun part is finding your style. Weather its bright colors, dark, Military or something else it takes a while to find your style and then find where you can get those pieces. Of course everyone has trouble getting YEEZY’s, but that’s the whole world. Haha.

I know your in New York were you born there?
Yes I was born and raised here, and our whole team was as well or moved here as a baby.

How is it living in New York?
I love it. Even though there are better places for weather, relaxing, etc., that’s not what New York is for. NYC is for grinding, and since that’s my main activity, I’m perfectly in tune with it and am super efficient.

Your office is nice by the way.
Thank you!

What advice would you give to anyone aiming to obtain their own app or company?

Follow your heart. It’s extremely cliche advice but there is no way you will possibly be successful doing something as crazy as starting your own company unless you love it, love the process of chasing it (very important) and live to prove everyone who told you you can’t wrong. A lot of advice is bad. Most people give you advice through their eyes, on what they want you to do. Most won’t truly understand what your definition of success is. Do you.

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