Once a year I receive a chance to interview an artist that I look up too. These interviews are special to me because ever since I started to do this blog, we have connected and talked on many different levels. This interview was done through Twitter Direct Message to preserve quality and uniqueness. It is an honor to once again introduce Genesis the Greykid.

TAU: State your name and where your from?

Genesis the Greykid: Russell McGee Jr, but most people know me as my pen name, “Genesis the Greykid”, so 95% of people call me Genesis.

TAU: We haven’t talked in awhile, how have you been?

GK: I’ve been great my brotha. Creating, writing, exploring. Good times.

TAU: How has the writing process been?

GK: It’s becoming something very whole…as if I’m growing an extra limb. My hand happens to be close, and moves, the mind is almost separate sometimes

TAU: What is writing for you? What influences you to write? I write at times and you’re on a TOTALLY different level than I.

GK: Being really observant…and honest…and vulnerable. Walking and exploring…people, faces, energy. Being absolutely present, in my opinion, is the start to writing something that comes from deep within your bones.

TAU: It’s fluid for you isn’t it? LOL

GK: Lol it feels that way. I believe if you do the work of becoming the best human being you can…then whatever you create, will have this sorta divine texture to it. Your operating within a space most authentic to yourself.

TAU: Creating your own lane? In your case universe?

GK: Just something true to who i am, whether its a lane or not….you know?

TAU: I feel you.

GK: Learning how to become intoxicated off the air you breathe.

TAU: Real…Real. I saw your video that you posted on twitter (Video below), video was inspirational.

TAU: It was a good mix of just life.

GK: Yeah, my goal when i was just really getting out as an artist was to live life for a living. So whether I was ghostwriting for other artist, putting my own stuff out, writing poetry, mentoring creatives, or doing Fine Art….I wanted it to all come from the same place. That same hidden wholeness we all seek to explore

TAU: (Speechless), messed up my whole train of thought. Speaking of art, congratulations on that art piece you made.

GK: Thanks man. Its really been a blessing.

TAU: When did you make that and how big was the canvas?

GK: Which one?

GK: This one?

TAU: Yeah that one. Dang how many did you make?

GK: I’ve made over 30 so far, should end with 60 this year. I’ve had some great people rocking with me through the process. Some really diverse patrons too buying the work, from Pat (Chance the Rapper’s Manager) to Bmimms (CEO of Mogul Management), to Ted Alling (Founder of VC Lampost and Dynamo), really grateful for everything that’s happening right now.

TAU: Yeah I hear you and much success to you. How big was the one pictured above?

GK: 48 x 60 inches

TAU: Nice size

TAU: I have three mixtapes of yours, have you planned on making anymore?

GK: Yeah I’m releasing a song this year….will be the first song in 2 and a half years. It feels right 🙂

TAU: whoa

TAU: nice. what was your last project or tape?

GK: It was Grey Skies 3. I was working on something called “Grey Matter” which will be what I pick back up in a few months.

TAU: Ok, good making sure i didn’t miss any music. How is that going Grey Matter? and why that title?

GK: I’m just really getting it back going. The words never leave you, but sometimes the overall sound can evolve, at least in my head it does. My homie Myke Stallone (aka Myke Murda) has been sending me some really amazing stuff production wise so the first track may be over his production.

TAU: Shout Out to Myke Murda for keeping you going.

GK: He’s a super talented underrated producer. Good brotha that guy.

TAU: Are you still doing poem workshops?

GK: Always. the poetry/creative workshops (called, Words In Grey, same as the book) I designed to help others explore….to help myself continue to explore. We all can claim our own brilliance within that hideaway, or become more acute to empathy. The workshops are currently being held in several places, with corporate clients, nonprofits, and public workshops for the community at large. I brought in two partners (Kevin Thomson in NYC and Susanne Gabriele in Toronto, CA) early this year, to help scale it, they’ve been amazing.

TAU: If someone wanted to get into a workshop how would they be able to?

GK: Also shout out to Kevin Thomson and Susanne. We are still expanding, so right now if you’re not in NYC, Toronto, or TN it may be difficult. But we’ve been exploring some other options for people to tap into the same magic from afar. Using Skype in some session for people many miles away. Still mapping it out though.

TAU: Aye thats dope

GK: Thanks man.

TAU: Sitting here thinking to myself what else should we cover?

GK: No rush, all good my brotha

TAU: How is the relationship between you and Isaiah Rashad? If you want to pass on this question you can.

GK: We’re cool, he’s good people. The homie T-Westfield introduced us back in the day, maybe a year or so before he signed with TDE. I shared with him what I was going through in the industry at the time, we kept in touch from time to time, good vibes all around. I’m proud of him and what he’s doing….he’s come a long way. Kudos to him and his team. Good look for Chattanooga for sure.

TAU: How is Chattanooga? Is that where you spent most your childhood?

GK: Nah, I was born in Chattanooga TN, then 3 days after, we spent 18 years traveling around the country. We’d come back each summer for a month or so, because I have family here, but I never really lived here until 2006/07. And at the time, I saw it as a pit stop…a in-between place. But as I started to explore the East Coast, NYC, NJ, etc. I started to release how dope Chattanooga really was. So around 2010, is when I really started to invest my energy back into the city. *realize* i meant….not *release*

TAU: Lol my mind autocorrect it somehow lol

GK: lol nice

TAU: To end out, what future plans do you have for yourself? What can we expect from Genesis for the next 2 or 3 years?

GK: I’m really excited about this Fine Art collaboration with Audrey Schilt, whose known for helping build the legendary Ralph Lauren brand, serving as Creative Director of Collection, VP for 22 years. Sketching & illustrating for Kennedy Onassis, Princesses Diana, Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, and many other celebrities. We (Genesis & Audrey) plan on creating a collaborative series of 3 to 7 fine art pieces, with her illustrations and his poetry. I’m really pumped about that collaboration.

TAU: I would be too. Sounds crazy expressive and artistic.

GK: Along with that, continuing to grow Words In Grey creative/poetry workshops is important to me…..it provides other poets a sustainable way to make a living while using what they’re good at to help others (and businesses) delve into something deeper. If I can continue to grow as a human being…..and spread love, no matter what happens in this finite slice of life we all have, I’ll continue to be more than happy. but yeah, I’m really pumped about that Audrey collab. some of the ideas bouncing around I really believe are gonna translate well onto the canvas.

It is always good to interview artist and creative people they can show many things that only their eyes see. Genesis The Greykid has completed many forms of art for more head to his website or check out the video below.

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