Sometime last year I had the pleasure of seeing a young lady named Venture on stage before Lupe Fiasco performed. I made it a mission to obtain an interview from her, this is that interview.

TAU: I always ask the person I am interviewing their name and where they are from because I feel like there is power in these two things. State your name and where you’re from.

Venture: I just go by V, I’m from Portland, Oregon

TAU: I heard of you when I went to a Lupe Fiasco, it was either the end of last year or beginning of this year I forget the exact time but I remember you were on stage and you were captivating. You brought good energy and vibes. How did you get a chance to open for Lupe and what was that experience like for you?

V: The experience was incredible. It inspired me to work harder because I know in due time I’ll be able to have my own shows just like that one. I was given the opportunity by those promoting the show.

TAU: Have many songs have you released so far? I found four so far on your SoundCloud.

V: Those are the only songs out to date. I am working on a project currently.

TAU: I like listening to “sweet 2 me” what made you write that song? What led that song to be a reality?

V: ***No Comment**

TAU: Who is your favorite artist? All time and currently?

V: No favorites. I love all kinds of music.
My day starts and ends with music.

TAU: Do you write your own music? What is your process like?

V: I write all my own music. My process is really simple and organic.
When I’m in the studio and I hear a certain sound or beat I connect with it instantly inspires me to start writing. Most of my songs are written initially in a short amount of time. Almost as if the words are desperate to come out.

TAU: Who is an artist you would love to work with and why?

V: There’s a lot of artists I’d enjoy working with. There are no limitations.

TAU: How much has your birth city mold you into the person you are today?

V: I wouldn’t really say it did. I owe everything to my mom.
I definitely would say making the move to Arizona a year ago sparked a large change within me and my surroundings to really shape me into this person I’ve always been but never recognized.

TAU: What is your ethnicity, with me meeting you on the west coast I’m going to assume some type of Hispanic descent.

V: Everyone assumes I am Hispanic.
I was born in Guam, I am Pacific Islander.

TAU: Have you started working on an album or a mixtape yet?

V: I’m currently working on an EP. I’m really excited to release it more so for myself. I’ve been sitting on these songs for awhile now.

TAU: What is something that your fans should know about you?

V: There is more than meets the eye.

TAU: Is there any question I should have asked that you feel like I missed?

V: N/A

For more info and music about Venture head to Venture’s website or look into Venture’s soundcloud.

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