The number 23 is synonymous to sport greatness and the reason for this is Michael Jordan. Jordan was endorsed by Nike when he graduated from college and went to the NBA. Honestly, the rest is history. He set and broke many records in his career. Micheal Jordan starred in Space Jam with him facing the Monstars. Above everything that he has done on the court, he created a brand.

Nike makes a huge profit by producing numerous series of Jordan shoes every year. So much so that, they are on top of the food chain as far as athletic shoes goes. Everything that Jordan did in his career was to build his brand. No other athlete can touch his legacy in a sport or brand. Through Jordan’s profession, with the help of Nike, Jordan became something more.

As of now Jordan shoes go for over $150 easily. The thing that we forget about is the details in the design and the professional history that is added into the shoe. The Jordan 1 backstory is of great importance. When the shoe was first released, the NBA had placed a ban on the shoe because it went against league regulations. Nike picked up the tab and let MJ score 63 points against the Boston Celtics in a playoff game. The Jordan 3 was the first shoe to have Tinker Hatfield in head of design. With his design he got rid of the Air Jordan Logo and started using the Jumpman logo. In these shoes Jordan averaged 35 points per game and made his fourth appearance in the NBA All-Star game.

The next time you see a pair of Jordan remember that the product your buying has a history it is not just a shoe.

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