Kollar, the Canadian clothing brand, has been working hard since I last posted about them. Now they have a previous collection that they wanted to reintroduce.

On April 2nd, Kollar brought back their 2nd collection for those that missed out on it the first time. Then on April 20th, they release an essential collection that is priced very well.

Let’s first touch on the capsule collection 02. Capsule Collection 02 has three bomber jackets heavy enough for Fall in the Midwest. Rocked & Destroyed is a pretty dope denim jacket, distressed marks on the jacket and only six buttons to button.

The Dayne comes in a dark gray or charcoal and has a unique button-up down the center. The buttons on the front are provided with a cover from the other side of the shirt. The Danye has a nice feel and is 100% cotton.

The Beau are a pair of jogger jeans. Drawstring with metallic aglets, a zipper on the side of the pants under the top pocket, not sure if it is functional and The Beau is taper going down towards the ankle.

Now on to the Essentials, Essentials are one color shirts that have dropped shoulder for a more relaxed fit and look. The material is majority cotton with 5 percent spandex for a little stretch. The good thing about these Kollar Essentials are they are priced pretty good at $48.

Kollar is a brand that you should be aware of. The brand is unique and still growing. Pay attention to them now and see their growth.

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