Stalley is relesing a mixtape today, January 26. The last time I heard from Stalley was honestly on Harry Fraud mixtape Adrift, so I am looking forward to this tape.

Saving Yusef is a smooth mixtape that is playable from beginning to end. The title, Saving Yuself, could also connect to saving yourself by listening to this project. Yusef translates to Allah increases in piety, power and influence which is the background of Stalley’s belief, Mulism. Now don’t think that that is what this mixtape about. Stalley confronts and addresses his complex looks on life and himself. The song that shows this is Real.

Real as in Real Nigga, can be a confusing topic because of America’s history. When people say real nigga it can be a real thug or a real person that is true to themselves. At times, it is difficult even for the thug or the average person to determine what is what or which is which. Rap is a competitive field because everyone wants to be the best, who doesn’t, Stalley speaks on this on the song Lay’m Down.

He starts off mentioning how many people on the internet feel that he is underrated, (TRUE 2 chains voice) due to media, lack of radio or what ever it maybe. But, he is ok with that because at the end of day he reached his own level of success. Stalley is lyrically on the same level as Kendrick and Cole but is short changed from the Top 5 spot. I am glad though, at the end of the song he found his resolve and makes sure to just stay in his lane and not worry about the accolades.

Stand out songs are Come A Long Way, Safe Storm, Lay’m Down, Hunnid Stax, and Real among others. I am going to give this a 3.5, pushing towards a 4, TAU symbols out of 5. It is good to hear from Stalley and know that he is growing as an artist. Saving Yusef is put together very nicely and flows from beginning to end. Fifteen song track that only has about five solid features, two of them being Big K.R.I.T and Chuck Inglish. The intro song, The Page, starts off correct and does a good job setting the tone of the album. Listen to the project yourself and let me know what you think.

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