Someone please hold me accountable for updating this with new music. Oh and I only use Tidal links now. I subscribe to both Tidal and Apple Music but I feel Tidal would be better in the long run.

Woosah – Alex Cade

Track was sent to my DM by Alex Cade, we have talked here and there, we should have something coming soon.

All I Need – Namebrand

The newest album from Namebrand titled ‘Grace’ is filled with chill vibes possible coffee house music. Namebrand never lets down with his producing. If you don’t know check his catalog and the interview we did in the past.

Fiscal Thoughts – Smoke DZA Featuring Wale and Phil Ade

Haven’t heard from DZA in a minute and that is partly my fault. DZA combines love and the chase of money on this, with Wale and Phil Ade doing the hook. Slow jam with a two step, this dropped late last year, this could of been a hit if some energy was pushed into it.

Meet Again – Maxo Kream

I first heard of Maxo on the song ‘Roaches’ and now to hear him again with ‘Meet Again’. Maxo structures this song as a letter to his loved ones, living and not. This song is actually hard Kream creates his own lane of conscious rap.

Settling – Summer Walker

I know Joe Budden dislikes the length of Summer Walker’s album but it prefect for setting the mood, having sex, and good relaxing moments afterwards.

Tired/Reflections – Boogie

Boogie makes soulful and honest tracks, from his previous two albums to now. ‘Everything For Sale’ is 39 minutes of Boogie being exposed as he possibly can. The album has only been out a few days so can’t give a full breakdown.

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